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The process of writing rap lyrics is analogous to poetry writing and requires a combination of subject matter and clever lyrics. The structure of rap lyrics is based on the rhyming scheme and the corresponding rhyming words. The uniqueness of rap songs is actually attributed to the lyrics embedded in them. Lyrics tend to be the distinguishing feature of any rap song and are thus regarded as their core strength.

Originality, creativity and grammar used in the lyrics are the core pillars forming the rhyming structure in rap lyrics. Rhyme structure is a fundamental part of writing rap lyrics which helps in easy placement of rhyming words and keeps the rhyming sentences at the same length. This makes the lyric structure easy to be read by the artists. Many rappers incorporate rapid-fire rhymes in a single verse which creates a fast-paced rhythmic pattern.

Rhymes in lyrics are not only limited to the end of the verse line, as seen in country or rock lyrics. A proper use of simile is another significant aspect involved in writing rap lyrics. The use of similes actually adds an entertaining value to the lyric structure and helps in conveying the message Lyrics   to the audience in an effective way. Metaphors cater the process of writing rap lyrics by adding creative intelligence to the lyric structure, which ultimately captures the attention of the audience effectively.

The use of onomatopoeia must also be kept in mind while writing rap lyrics as it refines the style and delivery of the lyrical structure to a great extent.

Wordplay involves the clever spinning of unique phrases or words which is a fundamental part of lyricism. Wordplay implies the construction of lyrics using puns, which are words having double meanings. The conjoint explanation of two different concepts through the use of puns adds in depth meaning to the lyrics structure of a rap song. Multi-rhymes and multi-syllable rhymes are also used by many lyricists for increasing the performance speed of a rap song. An amicable usage of multi-rhymes and mulch-syllable rhymes is an indicative of immense skillfulness involved in the structure of writing lyrics.

Alliteration is also used when writing lyrics for rap. All these aspects must be kept in mind before formulating the chorus part of a rap song. Short yet catchy choruses actually result out of appropriate rap lyrics writing.

Originality and rhyming tend to be the hallmark of any rap lyrical structure. Rapid advancements in the music industry have resulted in revolutionizing the rap music styles of different artists, yet the basic characteristics of rap music remain the same, where lyrics and rhyming tend to be the most significant aspect of the rap song creation process.

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